DIY Pokeball Storage Pillow with Zipper
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The only Christmas gift I made this year has been a stuffed Pokeball storage pillow with a zipper for my Pokemon obsessed nephew. I found this great free PDF pattern by SewDesuNe on Deviant Art aka The 24″ large … Read More

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I’ve been terribly negligent with this blog lately. ¬† A lot has been going on outside of crafty stuff! My last finished project was commission¬†from graduate student, Melisa Ozkan ( Here is the original image vs. the finished sewed creature. … Read More

Road Scarf
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It’s been freezing here this winter and I didn’t want to take the time to knit a scarf for the kid. ¬† Here’s the road scarf I created from fleece instead. Vrrrrooom! Kits are now available on my Etsy shop. … Read More