Kid’s Jet Pack

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JetPack.JPGMy nephew is obsessed with rockets so I decided that he and his cousin needed jet packs.   There are plenty of tutorials online but I wasn’t thrilled with the construction of any of them. I wanted to put them together with something a little more sturdy than cardboard and duct tape.

I’m too lazy to post full, detailed directions but I can tell you I used the following to make 2:

  • 4 soda bottles with the labels cut off
  • Silver spray paint appropriate for plastic w primer included
  • 14ft of 1″ strap from the fabric store (this was the most costly part.  I used a 50% off coupon)
  • 8 D-Rings. 1″
  • Flame fabric.  I happened I have this laying around.  You could also use felt.  They were sewed into tubes and hot glued into the tops of the bottles.IMG_7976.JPG
  • Hot glue
  • Sewing machine or some hand sewing.


The bottles were sprayed in the back yard on tomato stakes.

The straps connecting the two bottles are stitched in the middle of the connecting straps and then hot glued to the bottles.  I recommend minimal glue because the heat really did warp the bottles.

I used D rings on the straps so that they are adjustable.   I might alter these later to add a strap with a buckle across the chest.  Right now I’m tying the excess straps together to prevent it from falling off during extreme rocket pack maneuvers.

They were a hit.  Hopefully they hold up!

“Back” with straps



















Moving so fast, they are blurry!

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