Acrylic Painting 101

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I’ve always wanted to learn how to paint but it has taken a back seat to everything else.   Of course the perfect time I decide to start is with a new baby……    15-30 minutes a week happen if I’m lucky.

Since acrylic can be mixed with water, is easily cleaned and isn’t smelly or toxic to be around, it was my choice over oils. I also like that it dries quickly.

In an age full of free how-to’s, I didn’t expect how difficult it has been to find quality tutorials for beginners.   I can find people good in front of the camera that seem to teach well but their art sucks or I frequently find great artists that can’t talk about how they are doing it.

Finally I found Will Kemp.

Not only is his work good but he know how to teach, is good in front of the camera and his videos are clear and easy to view.   He has a lot of free how-to’s that build confidence and some reasonably priced videos you can pay for.   I’ve only dabbled in the free tutorials for now and I’m hoping that what I’ve picked up will translate into being able to paint something simple on my own.

So far I’ve discovered that painting very tired after a long day in bad light with a baby in a wrap isn’t the best move.   I won’t post my grotesque tomato attempt……..

tutorial paintings
The results of Will Kemp’s Apple and Cherry tutorials.
My second attempt at an independent painting. The white spot will be an apple… eventually….

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