DIY Pokeball Storage Pillow with Zipper
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The only Christmas gift I made this year has been a stuffed Pokeball storage pillow with a zipper for my Pokemon obsessed nephew. I found this great free PDF pattern by SewDesuNe on Deviant Art aka The 24″ large … Read More

Dinosaur Angel Christmas Tree Topper
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No Christmas tree is complete without a tree topper.  As a kid, we always had an angel but in my house, that’s a little too standard. I found this Raptor at Toys R Us while Christmas shopping and the idea … Read More

Galaxy Christmas Tree Skirt DIY Sewing Project
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For years I’ve complained that I don’t have a tree skirt that properly fits around the tree stand.  My oldest wants a space themed Christmas Tree and we came up with the idea of making a Galaxy Christmas Tree Skirt. … Read More

Toy Bags with a Window
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Projects are taking me forever to complete these days. My most recent accomplishment is this draw string toy bag with clear vinyl window in the middle.   I’ve been on an organization kick and the cardboard boxes being used for … Read More

Felt Airplane Runway
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     Apologies for the awful iPhone quality photos.  Here’s a very quickly created airplane runway.   This was all done last minute from felt I had in the house.   You can see that my stripes are not perfect in … Read More

Felt Brownie and Ice Cream Sundae
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After much trial and error, I have completed my felt brownie with ice cream pattern.  (complete with chocolate sauce and a cherry) It is now published on Etsy here!    I tried really hard to give the top of the brownie … Read More

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I’ve been terribly negligent with this blog lately.   A lot has been going on outside of crafty stuff! My last finished project was commission from graduate student, Melisa Ozkan ( Here is the original image vs. the finished sewed creature. … Read More

Copeful Characters
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I’ve been busy with everything but playfood creation. Here are some plush characters I sewed for the lovely and talented Megan Daley for her grad school project, Copeful. The characters and all Copeful related items are copyrighted in the name … Read More

Tractor Fabric Pillow Case
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I moved my son up to his big kid room and this project helped get my farm obsessed little man excited. Tractor pillow case! A friend recently made an envelope-style pillow case for the couch.   I liked it so much that I … Read More

Road Scarf
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It’s been freezing here this winter and I didn’t want to take the time to knit a scarf for the kid.   Here’s the road scarf I created from fleece instead. Vrrrrooom! Kits are now available on my Etsy shop. … Read More

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