Scrap Yarn Afghan

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I’m trying to simplify my stash of craft supplies and that means being honest about what I am unlikely to use. I have so many half skeins or less sitting there. Really – how many balls do I need to keep for a stripe on a hat someday?   I also have a lot of yarn that isn’t of great quality for scarves and hats.

Here’s the beginning of my scrap yarn afghan.   It’s very easy and I’m going for the “ugly-pretty” look by putting odd colors together.



  • Lots of extra yarn (In my case, mostly worsted weight).
  • Size K Crochet hook
  • Chain as many as you want.  Here I cast on about 150 because I want it to be big.
  • Half Double Crochet 2 balls of yarn at the same time.  For directions on how to half double crochet, check out this YouTube tutorial.  You don’t need similar lengths of yarn at all.  Once one ball finishes, tie on the next color.  The colors of the blanket will change gradually throughout.  So far, I like pairing a big ball with very tiny ones to keep some continuity for a little while.

It should work up pretty quickly and with only one stitch, its a good mindless project.



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  1. Tee
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    Great use of scrap yarn, Heather. If only I knew how to knit…one day…before I become a grandma 🙂

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