Felt Garden Box

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I wish I could take credit for the this project but the inspiration comes from this post from A Beautiful Mess.



What a great idea.   I did things a little differently by capping the ends of my bolsters.

The fabric for the dirt is soft fleece and it’s stuffed with standard polyester fiberfill.  I tried stuffing them with used plastic grocery store bag at first.  They felt nice and crunchy that but ultimately were too hard and lumpy.

An old Amazon box was the perfect size and it’s painted with cheapo craft paint.   My wood effect could have been done better if I took more time but I’ll have to let that go.

Carrots were made up on the fly so they are also a little different from the tutorial.

My kiddo received this for his farm themed birthday party and it was a big hit.   I’ll slowly be making more veggies for him.



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  1. Chrissy
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    Hi! I bought your beet pattern, and it is turning out wonderfully! Do you have an onion pattern? Thanks!

    • heather
      | Reply

      I’m so glad you like it! I do not have an onion pattern yet but I’ll think more about how I would go about it.

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