Facebook Picture
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After much trouble, I finally have a facebook picture I can live with for now. Thanks to HappyCeci at Deviant art for the anime faces and to PicMonkey. I call him “LemonDerp”.  

Felt Garden Box
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I wish I could take credit for the this project but the inspiration comes from this post from A Beautiful Mess.   What a great idea.   I did things a little differently by capping the ends of my bolsters. The … Read More

Felt Turnip Root
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I’ve been working on my own felt turnip pattern and I’m not loving how this root has turned out.  Not only was it overly complicated but it just doesn’t look good. Oh well.  I have another simpler idea.   The … Read More

Felt Watermelon
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I made this watermelon as I went for my watermelon obsessed nephew for his birthday and I love how it turned out. The pattern is dawn, scanned and finally up on the Craftsy Store Here.  

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