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I’ve been terribly negligent with this blog lately.   A lot has been going on outside of crafty stuff!

My last finished project was commission from graduate student, Melisa Ozkan (

Here is the original image vs. the finished sewed creature.




He’s made out of fleece except for his pupils and mouth which are felt.   The hardest part was stuffing him evenly so that he didn’t look lumpy.


The next projects in my queue for Etsy are patterns for a brownie sundae and for a sandwich set.

The sundae is completed but needs pictures and the files created while the sandwich set still needs a few pieces.  Perhaps a salami slice, onion, and american cheese.    The individual pieces of the sundae had a lot of trial and error, especially the ice-cream.   Everything has been hand sewed for various reasons and that’s really adding to how long this is taking!


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  1. Tee
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    That creature looks exactly like the cartoon. Nicely done!

    • heather
      | Reply

      Thanks! She wanted the eyes stuffed, so they are a little buggier, but that’s what she wanted!

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